Medium to large business establishments – and public places like malls, offices, restaurants, and shops – should always be well-ventilated and have a good air conditioning system. When the days get warmer, people tend to go to places where they can cool off and relax to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. So if your building provides  reliable cool clean air, then your business has the tendency to attract more people, particularly during spring and summer months. Customers will feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe within the perimeter of your business establishment. In addition, a commercial space with good air conditioning may help prevent air-borne diseases from spreading.

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We Help You Choose the Best

The type of AC unit to install in your commercial space depends on a number of factors that you should consider. Neglecting any of these factors may result in  poor ventilation and wasted energy  for your business establishment.  (soft code business name) experts are ready to help guide you in choosing the best air conditioning system for your needs.


Is your business located in a location (city)  which has a  predominantly hot climate the whole year roundor are you living in a city that has a predominately cold climate? It is important to consider how hot the climate can get during the heat of summer in order to choose an AC solution that is powerful enough to keep your office cool under the worst conditions.

Floor Area

This will help you determine how many AC units you will need to effectively cool down the whole area. It may take several  AC units to maintain a cool temperature inside a large commercial space or office.

Number of people in the room at any given time

Human beings emit body heat, so the more people inside a room, the more heat is generated. This is another factor that needs to be considered when determining the amount of AC power you will need to maintain optimal temperatures.

Types of AC Units for Your Business

After considering the above factors, you will be able to decide which air conditioner is best for your space. With the help of one of (soft code name of company) energy efficiency pros, , you can choose from a wide range of air conditioners to find the best solution for your particular needs.

Central air conditioner – If you are looking to cool a really large commercial property such as a hotel or a warehouse, then a central air conditioning system will be your best bet. Since a central AC unit has a large, powerful compressor, it has the capability to provide over 100 tons (the amount of energy required to melt 100 tons of ice in a 24-hour period) of cooling power.

A Split AC unit ideal for small offices and inner units in large buildings. Split air conditioners are noiseless and do not need to be installed near a window.

Tower ac unit  – Like split AC units, tower AC units are standalone units that do not need to be installed in a window or on a wall. Tower units are great for cooling larger rooms, as they have a high cooling capacity.

Window air conditioners – These are the most common air conditioning units and are typically used in single, small to medium-sized rooms. Installation of a window air conditioner unit is a little more complex, as it needs to be sized to fit into a hole in the wall or window.

The Importance of Maintenance and Check-Ups

Our job does not end with helping you decide which type of AC unit to install in your establishment. We also make sure that your unit is well-maintained and taken care of. Although we ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality, there may still be some problems that clients could encounter after some years of use, including:

  • Low refrigerant levels – The refrigerant is what cools the air that circulates within the air conditioner. This is why it is important that the refrigerant level is always checked to maintain the unit’s cooling capacity. It is also important to check for any leaks in the refrigerant compartment regularly. If you see any leaks in your unit or notice that it’s taking longer for air to get cold in the room, be sure to inform an (soft code company name)  representative immediately.
  • Improper wiring – An air conditioning unit that is wired incorrectly may not function as expected. It can also be extremely dangerous.  The installation of your unit should be done by a professional, and the wiring should be checked regularly by a professional to avoid any disruptions in service or damage to the equipment.
  • Non-functioning outside fan  – The AC system’s fan is responsible for keeping the warm air out and the cold air in. An air conditioning unit with an outside fan that does not work may overheat and cause damage to your system.
  • Frozen coils – Frozen coils are typically caused by restricted airflow, which in turn is usually caused by a dirty filter. Regular cleaning and checkup of the filter is essential to maintaining the optimal functioning of your AC unit.
It is always wise to call an EEPros professional if you sense some problem with your air conditioner. Please do not try to fix it yourself for your own safety and convenience. Here at EEPros, we don’t just sell air conditioners. We want to help our clients in maintaining a healthy, safe, and cool environment.