Many common problems that cause commercial-grade heating systems to malfunction are easy fixes that can luckily be done on-site. Unfortunately, however, there are some issues that may require a little more work and a longer period of time to address, especially when parts need to be ordered. Thankfully, regardless of how large or small the issue is at your office, our technicians are experienced pros when it comes to working on commercial grade HVAC systems from:

Early Problem Recognition

The onset of a heating problem often shows up as a spike in your electricity bill. By reacting early, you can save money on future electricity bills, help the environment and protect your system from further damage. Things can get a bit more complicated when dealing with central heating in a commercial property, however, especially when the bill is split between multiple tenants and you need to figure out whether a specific tenant suddenly increased heating usage.

Upon noticing a problem with your heating system, the next step is to inspect the furnace:

  • 1. Check your filter. The filter should be changed or cleaned every month or two. If the filter is blocked, the airflow into your furnace will be restricted, and it will not function as intended. If the problem does lie with the filter, this may be something you can resolve on your own. In the event that you need to purchase a new filter, be sure to opt for quality, rather than the cheapest option you can find.
  • 2. Is there a leak? If you notice pools of water gathering around your heater, it’s time to call a professional. This is the safest option for your unit and yourself.
  • 3. Is there a problem with the pilot light? If your pilot light either doesn’t turn on or stay lit, this may be caused by dirt around the ignition, a malfunctioning thermocoupler, or air in your unit’s gas line, amongst a laundry list of other issues. For recurring pilot light issues, calling a professional is highly recommended, unless of course you are professionally trained in commercial HVAC repair.

Suntrac Solar Units

We are authorized dealers of Suntrac Solar equipment and our technicians are more than qualified to help you with any problems that may occur with the functioning of your Suntrac Solar system. We are able to quickly identify and fix problems with your thermal solar panel or any component of the unit..

Repair Prevention

Although commercial HVAC systems are heavy duty machines that are built to work for a minimum of 15 years, they utilize intricate technology and precise mechanisms that require periodical checks and recalibration. With regular checks and examinations, you can extend the useful life of your commercial HVAC unit, as well as avoid costly down times and repairs that can be detrimental to your business.