Lower Your Expenses

Many business owners are shocked the first time they see their energy bill after they have installed a new heating system. Unexpected heating costs can cut into profits and make even the best laid plans go off the rails. Fortunately, using energy efficient heaters and thermostats is one of the easiest ways to increase the energy efficiency of your business and keep you in the black.

Space Heaters

If you own a small business, like a downtown one room retail store, a space heater is an excellent way to save on energy costs. Space heaters are no longer big, loud and ugly;modern design has come a long way to make space heaters more visually appealing. And to minimize clutter on the shop floor you can keep your space heater in an out of the way place, such as behind the counter.

Space heaters are a great choice for heating only one room, since they will only use enough energy to heat the room they are placed in. Additionally, their lighter energy usage makes them much more energy efficient than central heating systems. Many space heaters also come with timers and smart thermostats, which further increase their energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills. For example, if it only takes thirty minutes to heat your business, you can program the space heater to turn on thirty minutes before you arrive. This will save you money because it will not be heating your business during the night, when no one is there; the same as essay UK helps to save money for students,yet when you arrive in the morning, you won’t be walking into a frigid shop either.

Solar Heating

If you are looking at options to replace your existing heating system, you may want to consider solar heating. Solar heating systems use the least amount of energy.  Solar heating is a relatively new heating option, but one that is quickly gaining traction for commercial businesses due to the long-term energy savings that can be realized not to mention the substantial utility rebates and federal tax credits that can really make this an attractive option.

Energy Efficient Thermostats

In addition to or in conjunction with the above solutions, an energy efficient thermostat is a relatively inexpensive option that can save you from skyrocketing heating bills.  These thermostats monitor how much heat your business needs and automatically compare it with the amount of heat that your system is emitting. Energy efficient thermostats keep the heat of your business within the comfort range you program, while ensuring that the energy output stays within a cost-effective and fuel-efficient range. Smart thermostats eliminate the need to play a guessing game of comfort versus cost.

As a business owner, you already have enough expenses to worry about. Heating costs should not be one of them. By using energy efficient heating solutions, including space heaters, solar heating and smart thermostats, you can lower your monthly heating bills substantially. The HVAC experts at (soft code company name)  can recommend a cost-effective heating solution that works for you and your business, according to your unique set of requirements.