When considering the right approach to heating your business establishment, you need to first consider the size of your space.  Generally, “high level heating” is recommended for covering large commercial spaces.

Two Types of Heating Solutions

High level heating is ideal for large commercial spaces, which require large volumes of heated air distribution. Usually this applies to commercial areas such as warehouses or factories, but it could also apply to large houses. The large, open floor plans common in modern home designs may be aesthetically pleasing, but they can also be difficult to heat.

Low level heating and cooling systems simply do not have proper air distribution to heat larger areas, which means your room or rooms will not be heated thoroughly. Certain areas of these rooms, such as the corners farthest from your unit, may even be untouched by your low level heating system, leaving uncomfortably cold spots when the temperature drops.

What Exactly Does “High Level Heating” Mean?

The term “high level heating” refers to heating and cooling systems which are installed in an elevated area, such as on the ceiling or on a high section of the wall. This elevated position allows the unit to distribute heat more evenly, because the heat waves being pushed through your heating system arch outwards to slowly encompass the entire room – even the corners of the room where low level units may not be able to reach. The higher your heating system is, the farther it is able to reach.

For a physical example of how these expanding heat wave arches work, think of it like this:

If you drop a rock, or any other object, into the water, you will notice that wave after wave of circles are pushed out from the spot where it was dropped. These circles continually grow larger as they move farther away from the spot where they originated, and new circles are continually generated to take their place. This model is very similar to how high level heating systems work – with the rapidly expanding circles spreading out from the heater as heat is blown into the room.

What Are The Benefits of High Level Heating?

Besides better air distribution, high level heating is also much more energy efficient for commercial spaces, because they heat the air temperature of large spaces uniformly. Low level heating units tend to waste a lot of energy when used in a large area, because they are not capable of maintaining even heat distribution throughout the space.

High level heating systems are also more aesthetically appealing, and space saving. Since they are higher up, they do not take up room you need most at the floor level. This becomes an especially important benefit in large commercial spaces like warehouses or factories, where every inch of space needs to be properly utilized for maximum productivity.  High level vents and furnaces allow you to maintain this active working space, while still providing your customers and/or employees with the comfort of heat during the cold winter months.

High level heating units are easy to install, and are one of a few tried-and-true heating methods which have withstood the test of time. And this widely-used method has only been improved upon throughout the years.

Choosing one of our energy efficient, high level heating systems for your home or commercial space is a choice you’ll be glad you made – especially once those cold, winter months settle in and your heating system effectively keeps your large spaces comfortably warm.