Residential AC Equipment

Types and Options

Air conditioning systems have come a long way since the traditional AC unit in the window. Although these units still exist, there are now a variety of other options. Home owners must now consider things such as sound, energy usage and space when choosing which AC unit to use in their home. With a variety of options it has become possible for homeowners to find an AC system that fits the needs of their home perfectly.

Central Air as a Split System

A central air conditioning system is a split system. This means that part of the AC unit is located outside and the other part of the unit is located inside, usually on top of the furnace. The two parts are connected by pipes and wires. The unit located outside is the compressor. This compressor pumps refrigerant into the house and through the coils. The coils are cooled by the refrigerant. When the warm air of your home blows over the coils, they are cooled. There are several benefits to this method of air conditioning, including:

  • Cleaner air. When the air in your home is pulled through the ducts of the central air condition system, it is also pulled through filters. These filters clean the air. Thus, the system acts as an AC unit and as an air filtration system.
  • Quietness. Since the main part of the system is located outside your home you often do not hear the noise from the unit. Therefore, this unit is much quieter than a window air conditioner or a freestanding air conditioner inside the home.

Solar Air Conditioning

Homeowners wanting to make their home more environmentally friendly or save on long term cooling costs are turning to solar air conditioning as a solution. The solar air conditioning works in a similar fashion as the central air system. With solar air conditioning, there is a solar panel, often located on top of the roof of the home. This solar panel becomes the in between step during the cool process. The refrigerant passes through the solar panel before it goes to the outside compressor. These solar panels do some of the work that the compressor would be doing. This means that the compressor runs less and when it does run, it runs more slowly. This means that compressor is using less energy and less electricity, and is therefore saving you money. Since the panels are powered by the sun, they are not using any electricity and are not costing you any money. Benefits of using a solar air conditioning system include:

  • A smaller carbon footprint. Solar air conditioning is the most eco-friendly AC option.
  • Cheaper prices over a long period of time. Although it may cost to have a company, such as SunTrac, installs the system, the energy saved through the system will save you a substantial amount of money over a longer period of time.
  • Quietness. Since the compressor will be running less, there is little to no noise.

Since there are a variety of air conditioning systems available to choose from, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each system. With careful thought and consultation you can find the air conditioning system that fits your needs perfectly.