Residential AC for a New Home


AC for a New Home

If you are buying or building your new home in the colder months, the kind of air conditioning (AC) system that your new home will use is probably not one of your immediate concerns. However, AC is an important aspect of your new home and it is important that you find an AC system that fits your personality and your budget.

Things to Consider When Choosing an AC System

Since AC systems come in a variety of styles and budgets, it is important that you consider the following aspects of AC systems:

  • Décor. AC systems can take up a lot of space, either in windows or on floors. If an interior designer is designing your home, the presence of an air conditioning system is important to consider. AC systems such as the Cassette AC, which is located on the ceiling in a room, is the best choice if décor is important to you.
  • Space. If your home will have smaller rooms, you will want to utilize every inch of space and will not want an AC system taking up precious space. Free standing AC systems would not be the best option in this scenario. Instead, you should consider more space saving AC units such as the Cube or Cassette system.
  • Environmental friendliness. Is being energy efficient and environmentally friendly an important aspect of your new home? Heating and cooling can comprise 40% of your overall energy usage. Therefore, if you want your home to be energy efficient, it is important that your air conditioning system be energy efficient. The most energy efficient system is solar air conditioning, which utilizes the sun as a source of energy through a solar panel.

If You Will Resell Your Home

If you know you will quickly be reselling your new home it is important that you consider a installing an air conditioning system that will increase the resale value of your home. Currently, buyers want homes that are environmentally friendly. Your home will stand out if it has an environmentally friendly air conditioning system already installed. If you are building your home, contact a solar polar air conditioning company, such as Energy Efficiency Pros, during the planning stages. This will help Energy Efficiency Pros design an air conditioning system that works perfectly with your home.

Maintaining Your AC System

Whatever AC system you choose to use in your new home, maintenance is imperative. Regular cleaning of your system’s filters and coils can prevent future damage. Preventing the damage saves you time, money and frustration. To find out the exact maintenance required of your specific system consult the manual that came with your system and follow the directions closely.

If you choose to use a solar system, your system will have a unique set of needs. For example, the panel will need to be maintained. The panel is located outside and is often on the roof or other high point of your home. Summer storms can carry debris onto the panel. This debris can block the sun from getting to the panel or damage it. Therefore, it is important to inspect the panel regularly, especially after a storm.

Building or buying a new home is exciting with lots of details. One important detail is the air conditioning system that your home will have. With a variety of AC options, you can choose the system that is perfect for your home.