Residential A/C Lower Your Bill

Lower Your Residential Air Conditioning Bill

Your first energy bill of the summer may cause you to gasp as you see the dramatic increase in energy costs from the spring to summer months. If you have not changed your energy use habits, but have begun to use an air conditioning, your AC system is most likely to blame for the cost increase. Thankfully, you can lower your energy costs by inspecting your home, properly maintaining your air conditioning system, increasing air flow and upgrading to a more energy efficient system.

Home Inspection and A/C Unit Maintenance

Look for any ways that the cool air from your air conditioning system could be escaping your home and simultaneously allowing air in. Make sure that all of the doors and windows leading outside your home a completely closed. Remember to check rooms that you may not often go in. A window in one of these rooms may have breaks allowing cold air to escape of which you were not previously aware.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of REGULAR MAINTENANCE of the air conditioning system. Warranties do require proper & regular maintenance. After all, you wouldn’t expect your car to run well (or keep running at all) without oil changes and other routine up-keep. The components of your air conditioning system need the same attention and care.

Proper Maintenance

You can increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit by properly maintaining it.  An important part of your AC unit is the filters. Over time, these filters become clogged from the debris in the air that has circulated through your system. When they do become clogged, your air conditioning system has to work more for the air to continue to filter through, thus increasing the energy required and increasing your bill. Inspect the filters regularly and replace them as needed to increase your energy savings.

Increasing Air Flow

Naturally, the larger your home is the more air there is that needs to be cooled. Having a single air conditioning unit cool a large home requires a lot of energy and can be expensive. If the air is not constantly moving around in the rooms of your home, warm air can accumulate in towards the ceilings and make the entire room feel warm and uncomfortable. Air flow can be increased by turning on ceiling fans. Although they may be noisy, ceiling fans use little energy and can assist an air conditioning system in cooling your home and keeping your costs low.

Going Green

If you have money to spend upfront, you should consider upgrading to an energy efficient air conditioning system. A popular eco-friendly air conditioning system is solar panel air conditioning. This is a unique air cooling system that utilizes solar panels to lessen the energy output of your main air conditioning unit and lower your energy costs. This air conditioning system will need to be installed by a company that specializes in solar panel air conditioning, such as Energy Efficiency Pros.

Although your air conditioning bill can be expensive, it does not have to be. Inspecting your home for ways that cool air can escape, maintaining your AC unit and increasing air flow can help reduce your overall energy bill. However, if you are still unsatisfied with the price, you should consider upgrading to a more energy efficient AC system, such as solar panel air conditioning. Although this will require a larger up front cost, the unit will save you money over time.