Residential AC Repair


As many parents can attest, a functioning air conditioning (AC) system is vital to emotionally and physically surviving the heat waves of summer. Higher temperatures and humidity often mean grumpier children, and parents rely on their AC system to literally cool their children off.  Functioning AC systems help also protect children against two health risks that come with rising temperatures: heat stroke and dehydration. Therefore, when your AC system breaks, you want it fixed fast. It may be tempting to have you or your spouse try to repair your system. Do not do this! Instead, immediately call a trained AC repair technician. This will save you both time and money.

Common Problems with AC Systems

Before you call an AC repair technician, you need to confirm that it is indeed your AC system that is malfunctioning. Make sure all of the doors and windows leading outside your home are closed so that cool air is not escaping. Also refer to the instruction manual that came with your AC system to ensure you are using your system properly.

If you have completed these steps and your AC system is still not working properly, your system most likely has an electrical malfunction. Common electrical malfunctions include:

  • Control failures. Control failures most often are due to corrosion of electrical connections and wire contact points.
  • Sensor problems. Sensor problems occur when the internal thermostats of the unit misinterprets the temperature of your home and causes the unit to shut off prematurely.
  • Refrigerant leaks. Vibration over the system over time can cause small holes to develop in the copper wires, which cause the refrigerant to leak.
  • Drainage problems. Your AC unit cools your home by simultaneously releasing cool air and decreasing humidity. Your system drains the water from dehumidifying through tubes. When these tubes become blocked drainage problems occur.

Since the above problems are electrical in nature, it is very dangerous to attempt these advance repairs if you are not trained in AC repair.  If you do not cause harm to yourself, you may cause more expensive damage to your system. Save yourself the hassle and call a trained AC repair technician.

Repair of Solar Powered Air Conditioning Units

Homes that have been built more recently or were made to be environmentally friendly may have solar powered air conditioning units. These systems utilize a thermal smart panel to cool the home. Since these are not like traditional AC systems, a trained solar powered air conditioning specialist, such as a technician from Energy Efficiency Pros, will need to come and assess and repair any problems to the panel. These repair technicians are specifically trained in the unique needs surrounding solar thermal smart panel repair, and can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will ultimately save you time and money.

As a parent you rely on your home AC system to keep your children safe from the heat. When your system begins to malfunction you want your unit fixed quickly. Although it may be tempting to attempt a fix yourself, it is quickest and cheapest to call an AC repair technician. Call an AC repair technician who is trained specifically in the unique repairs of your AC unit at the first sign of unit malfunction.