Residential Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance

Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance

Few things are more frustrating than having an air conditioning system break during a summer heat wave. Thankfully, many air conditioning system malfunctions can be prevented by proper maintenance. All air conditioning systems are not the same, however, and it’s important that you read through the owner’s manual of your system to educate yourself on how to best maintain your system. Unfortunately, the best of maintenance cannot prevent all malfunctions. If you find that your system is malfunctioning, it is imperative that you call a trained air conditioning repair professional immediately.

Coil and Coil Fin Maintenance

Even if you change your air conditioning filter on the schedule outlined in the owner’s manual, dirt will still collect on the coils after years of service. If your system is located outside, the coils will collect dust much faster. This dirt slowly insulates the coils and affects their ability to absorb heat. Check your indoor coils at least annually to clear away any debris. If you system is located outside, check them more frequently, especially during the dry and dusty months.

The coil fins are aluminum fins located on the bottom of the coils. If these become bent, they can affect airflow. Inspect the coil fins at the same time you inspect the coils and make sure that they are not bent. If they are bent, contact your local AC service provider to see what you should do as a next step to repair these.

Solar Air Conditioning Maintenance

Solar air conditioning is unique among all air conditioning options due to the solar panel.  In order for the air conditioning system to have energy, the panel must be able to collect energy from the sun. Therefore, if anything is covering the panel or the panel has become damaged it will not work properly. Regularly check the location of the panel to make sure that no objects, such as a fall tree limb, birds nest, or other natural debris, is interfering with the panel. After summer storms check the system to make sure that the winds did not carry anything near the panel, nor did the panel suffer any damage.

When to Call a Professional

Regardless of the kind of system that you use, call an air conditioning repair technician immediately if you notice any malfunctions in your system. If you have properly maintained your system, the malfunction is most likely electrical. It is unsafe for you to attempt to fix an electrical malfunction. Since all air conditioning systems are not the same, it is imperative that you call a technician who is specifically trained in the unique needs of your system. For example, you would need a company trained in the needs of solar panels, such as Energy Efficiency Pros, to fix the unique needs of solar panel malfunction. You would also not want to choose a technician who only has experience working on internal air conditioning units when the malfunction is in your outside unit.

Air conditioning systems are crucial to surviving the heat waves of summer. Quality maintenance is imperative to the continual functioning of each unit. However, if malfunction should occur, call an air conditioning repair professional that has experience repairing your specific type of air conditiner