Residential Air Conditioning Repair

Reliability on air conditioning has become a vital part of surviving the summer in many areas of the United States. Summer heat waves can often become unbearable, and sometimes even dangerous, due to the risks of dehydration and heat stroke associated with high temperatures, coupled with humidity.  The nuances of the heat and risks of potential health problems cause most people to retreat indoors to the comfort of air conditioning. Unfortunately, however, air conditioning systems break, causing uncomfortable—and possibly unsafe—environments.

Common Problems with Air Conditioning Systems

First, you must establish that the problem is actually with the air conditioning system, and the lack of cool air is not a result of using the unit incorrectly. Make sure that all of the windows and doors leading outside your home are closed and that you have followed the instructions about usage that came with your air conditioning system.

If you have done this, and the system still is not functioning properly, the problem with your unit is likely internal. The most common issues associated with air conditioning malfunction include refrigerant leaks, electric control failure, sensor problems and draining issues. All of these problems require a skilled air conditioning repair technician to fix them.

As soon as you discover that your air conditioning system is malfunctioning or not working all together, it is important that you call a specialist trained in air conditioning repair immediately—especially if sky-rocketing temperatures are looming.

How to Address Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you have a traditional air conditioning system, it’s easy to get into the mentality of thinking that you can fix it yourself, or adding it to the ‘honey-do-list.’. This is unwise unless you or your spouse is specifically trained in air conditioning repair because:

  • You are untrained. An air conditioning repair specialist can immediately spot the problem and fix it.
  • The problem will often require some form of electrical fix. It is unsafe to perform electrical work yourself; you need a professional who has the required skills and necessary tools.
  • If you attempt the repair yourself, you could further damage the system (or yourself!). Calling a professional saves you both time AND money.

Our repair technicians have the experience and expertise necessary to fix even the most complex air conditioner issues.

Repair of Solar Powered Air Conditioning Units

If you live in a newer home or an eco-friendly home, your house may be cooled by a solar powered air conditioning unit instead of a thermal smart panel. These panels are more energy efficient, and are wired and designed much differently than a traditional air conditioning system. As such, a repair technician who only possess experience repairing traditional air conditioning systems will not be equipped with the knowledge or skillset necessary to effectively assess damage.  An air conditioning repair technician from a company that specializes in solar assisted air conditioning, like Energy Efficiency Pros, is highly recommended instead. These repair technicians are specifically trained in the unique needs surrounding solar thermal smart panel repair, and can get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, which will ultimately save you time and money in the long run.

Although summertime is a time to enjoy being outside, it is also nice to retreat to the comfort of an air conditioned home—especially when temperatures and humidity are high. If your system isn’t cooling the way that it used to, it’s time you have a technician come out and do a thorough analysis of your system, BEFORE it shuts down all together. Please just keep in mind that you need to find someone who is skilled in working on your particular type of unit