Residential air conditioning is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems to not only provide comfort during the unpredictable summer heat waves, but to also provide protection against summer health dangers, mainly dehydration and heat stroke. Today there are a variety of air conditioning systems available making it possible for every homeowner to enjoy the comfort and protection from an air conditioning system unit.  Regardless of the air conditioning system you choose to use, it is important that you take proper care of your system to prevent future malfunctions.



Air Conditioning Systems for Renters

The most important factor in determining what kind of air conditioning system you can use is the ownership status of your home. If you rent or lease your home you will need to consult your landlord before you install an air conditioning system that alters the structure of your home. Additionally, although you may own your apartment or condo, you may be limited in your air conditioning choices because you cannot alter the structure of your home without simultaneously affecting your neighbor’s home.

If you rent, the most hassle free air conditioning option available to you is the traditional window air conditioning system. There are multiple benefits to the window air conditioning system, including:

  • The price. You can often install a window air conditioning system yourself, saving you money since you do not need to hire a professional to install the system.
  • Easier repairs. Since window air conditioning systems are one of the most commonly used systems, many electrical and air conditioning companies can quickly fix a problem if one should occur. This competition creates lower rates.

Air Conditioning Systems for Home Owners

Owning your home gives you many more options in air condition systems. The main limitation when choosing an air conditioning system for your home will be price. It is important that you establish a budget before you begin looking at air condition systems so that you are not tempted to spend more than you can afford. Possible air conditioning systems for homeowners include:

Split AC System

Split air conditioning systems have an internal and external component that are linked through wires and drains. The internal unit takes the warm hair, which travels through the pipes, and expels it outside. The external unit simultaneously propels cool air inside. This system is beneficial because it can be installed in rooms with no windows, minimally affects home décor and is quieter than a window system.

Cassette AC system

These units are made to be installed on ceilings. These units are space efficient and are made to blend in with any room decoration. In addition to being space saving and stylish, they have some of the best performance ratings. These units can also be the most pricie.

Solar AC system

Solar AC systems are the most eco-friendly option for air conditioning. Solar AC systems are installed by companies, such as the highly recommended Energy Efficiency Pros. These systems use a solar smart panel to gain the energy necessary to compress the refrigerant that cools the home. Although this may seem like a more expensive option at first, the energy savings will be substantial.

The Importance of Maintenance

Regardless of the air conditioning system you choose to cool your home, maintenance will be extremely important. Good maintenance and upkeep will ensure that your system continues to function properly. Consult your owner’s manual to learn how to meet the specific needs of your system.

Air conditioning systems have become essential to maintaining comfort during the heat waves of summer. With so many air conditioning system options, it is possible to find a system that meets your specifications of an AC unit and is also within your budget. Regardless of the system that you choose, maintenance and upkeep of your system will be extremely important to ensure that it continues to function properly.