Residential Heating Service & Maintenance

Few things are more frustrating and terrifying than coming home to a malfunctioning or broken heating system during a freezing cold winter night. Thankfully, many heating system malfunctions can be prevented through proper maintenance. The specific maintenance needs will be dependent upon what kind of system you have. For example, the maintenance needs of a wood stove will be different than the maintenance needs of solar heating panels. However, all systems use some form of filtering system which will be an important part of maintenance.

Filter Maintenance

Heating and cooling systems use a filter system. As the warm and cool air is distributed throughout your home, the pass through a variety of ducts that have filters. These filters filter out debris that is through the circulating air. Over time these filters naturally become clogged. This is not a problem as long as you clean and change the filters regularly.  If filters are not cleaned or changed the filters will prevent air from passing through them; creating serious problems for your heating system.

When to Call a Heating Repair Technician

You want to call a heating repair technician as soon as you conclude that the malfunction is actually due to a problem within your system. First you need to make sure that the warm air is not escaping anywhere. Check all of the doors and windows in your home, especially doors that lead to your attic, garage and basement, to make sure they are closed properly. If they are open they are counteracting your heating system. Your home will feel very cold even though your system is indeed working. If your windows are very drafty you may want to staple plastic over them for the remainer of the winter to keep the cold air out and warm air in.

Who Should I Call?

It is of the upmost important that you call a heating repair technician that specializes in your system. Many heating repair companies claim that they can fix a variety of heating systems: wood stove, gas and oil furnaces, as well as solar heating.  They claim that they can fix anything. Although they may technically be able to “fix” your system, they may not fix it well. This is because they do not have the specialized expertise that comes with working with one heating unit over and over again. If the repair company is a larger company, they may have employees who specialize in different systems. When the heating repair technician calls you to tell you that he is on his way, make sure to verify that he does indeed know how to fix your system.

You want to be especially careful if you use solar panels for heating. Solar energy for heating is a relatively new concept. Since solar panels are different than all other heating systems, technicians need to be specially trained in how to assess their problems and repair them. It will be safest for you to contact a solar company trained in heating solar panels, such as Energy Efficiency Pros, to avoid additional unintentional damage to your system.

Heating system breaks are frustrating. Thankfully, most can be prevented through proper maintenance. However, if your system does malfunction, call a heating repair technician who specializes in your system right away.